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We empower employers by resolving Issues and protecting their rights which gives you a path to make confident business decisions.

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Our approach revolves around you. We listen attentively, ensuring your best interests are at the forefront. Through innovative strategies and hard work, we secure outcomes that matter. Our team is dedicated to your success.

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Communication that empowers. We ensure you’re in the know. Collaborative and transparent, our process keeps you actively engaged. Empowering you with legal insights, we guide you through your rights and provide the answers you need.

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Preventive solutions for peace of mind. We focus on foreseeing and resolving legal hurdles before they escalate. Our approach prevents disruptions, providing both employers and employees with a path to resolution without litigation.

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You and your business are our priority. We’re your legal partner, guiding you toward decisions that secure your interests. Comprehensive defence shields for your business. From negotiations to litigation, we stand by you, ensuring your success.

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We help individuals & businesses when you face issues like unpaid wages, overtime problems, or need defense, including government employees, we’ve got your back. We’re one of the special small firms that can talk and argue in court when needed. Our skills on both sides of the case give us extra knowledge to help you. We will be your wise legal advisor anytime.

What our clients say on Google

.... Why would a New Yorker file with someone so far from New York. Simply for the reliability, honesty and prompt responses to questions and completion of any work involved regarding my taxes. Thank you, Amber. .... I am a supporter of any family-oriented service that treats their clients like family. No question has ever been un-answered. .... Good results from good people gets my loyalty. I always wonder if a client can order a pizza delivery.
Gladys Ezem
Gladys Ezem
I paid Mr Marcus Amber $300.0 to amend my tax since last year. When I noticed that he has done nothing, I told him to refund my money because I hired another PA who did the amendment. He promised me that he will only refund $200.00 out of the $300.00 I paid him. I then told him to refund me the $200.00 as he promised. He had not refunded the money since January. Now both him and the wife don’t pick my calls
Aldo Duguay
Aldo Duguay
Marcus Logan helped my husband and I at a very difficult time and was very flexible and worked with me in regards to every single aspect. He was professional, timely and courteous throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them and the entire staff.
janet sumpter
janet sumpter
Taxpayer Advocate Professionals Marcus and Amber have been diligently resolving my tax issues for 3 years. My husband passed away 3 years ago. Unfortunately he left me with a large tax debt. Taxpayer Advocate Professionals saved me thousands of dollars . Taxpayer Advocate Professionals are helping me negotiating payment options with the State of CA and the IRS. The company is honest, reliable, and are reasonably priced. I now live in the Pacific Northwest. I trust Taxpayer Advocate Professionals to continue to take care of all my tax needs. i highly recommend Taxpayer Advocate Professionals Janet S

Questions Clients Bring To Our Law Offices

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To answer this question, our lawyers will consider the facts of your case in light of relevant federal laws, state laws, local, and other laws and regulations.

Clear expectations are very helpful as you embark on an employment law case. Keep in mind that surprises — good or bad — may develop. Nevertheless, an understanding of the events to anticipate can help you prepare to be fully engaged and help your own case.

A review of your employment contract, patterns of termination at your place of employment, industry trends, federal laws and the circumstances leading to your layoff may all help answer these questions. Talk to an experienced lawyer at The Spencer Firm, LLC, to get an idea about what amount of severance pay is appropriate in your case. We can also review the severance agreement for you.

Early legal counsel can help you prepare to file a retaliation claim against your employer if the employer violates relevant laws, such discrimination, overtime, wage laws, etc.

This is a fair question, and we can best answer it after learning about the particulars of your case.

As soon as you suspect your employer has violated a law by withholding overtime pay or requiring you to work off the clock, talk to a lawyer. The statute of limitations — two years for a federal court case or three years for a Maryland court case — can come and go before you know it. Developing a compelling case takes time.

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