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Personal injury

Accidents can change lives and bring money troubles. We helped many people get better and paid for their harm. Get support if someone hurt you in a car, bike, or other accident. Even if someone hurts you emotionally, they will pay you.

Family law

Divorce is super tough, kind of like losing someone you love. If you’re in Florida and need help, Curry Law Group is here. We care about you & will be with you all the way, making sure your rights are safe. We’ve got your back even after the case is closed.

Civil litigation

We know how to talk and persuade the judges to understand their cases. Have lots of experience in different kinds of arguments, from small problems to big ones. If you need help, you can talk to us today.


You and your partner were super close. You promised to stick together forever. But things changed. You argued a lot, did things you regret. Love faded, obstacles grew. You want out now. But how? A gentler way is called “collaborative divorce.

Criminal law

If you’re facing criminal charges, it can be really stressful. We understand this and want to help and will do our best to make things better for you. The lawyers at Curry Law Group will work hard to give you the best chance in court.

Estate law

Ever wonder what happens to your money when you’re not around anymore? If you don’t have a plan, the government might decide for you. We make sure your money goes to the right people, like family and loved ones.

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Meet Curry Law's experts

Clifton Curry, Jr.

Meet Mr. Curry, an amazing civil trial lawyer with his own firm. Judges and friends think he’s one of the best lawyers ever! He helps people with all sorts of problems like injuries, family stuff, and business fights. He’s even a cool director and lawyer for a bank!

Daniel King

Meet Mr. King, an amazing lawyer who’s been helping people for over 30 years in Florida! He’s super smart and has even won awards for being really, really good at what he does. He knows a lot about helping folks who got hurt in accidents, like car crashes, and also when bad things happen on other people’s property.

Louis Daniel Lazaro

Meet Louis “Lou” Daniel Lazaro! He’s like a superhero of law in Florida. He knows all about family, business, and civil stuff, and he’s super good at it! He can talk and understand Spanish too, which is amazing! Lou worked at a bunch of important places like the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families Services and even the Attorney General’s Office.

Carly Bradley

Meet Carly M. Bradley, Esquire, an awesome graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she learned about Political Science and History. She knows how to make things right for families. She’s the one you want on your side when things get tricky.

Robin S. Trupp

For over 30 years, he’s been helping people in battles called litigation. He’s really good at solving problems about business fights, money issues, houses, jobs, and even airplane rules! He’s super smart about things like money, rules, and what’s fair.

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